Luigi Sergi
Technical and R&D Manager

Luigi Sergi, was born in 1963 in Taranto, where he resides with his family. Currently holds the position of Technical and R & D Manager of Comes Group.

From 1985 to 2000 he worked in BELLELI, in the large welded construction for the energy industry and process up to fill the position of Coordinator of Business Unit BELLELI Research, overseeing the construction of the new Fracture Mechanics Laboratory and the service activities and consulting. The passion for physics combined with a natural propensity for interdisciplinary studies led him to be involved, from the very beginning, in development projects related to advanced applications of electric welding. His experience led him around Europe.

Since 2000, the Technical and R & D Manager of Comes Group. E 'in this context that in his fifteen years of driving the development activities of the Group Comes, Luigi Sergi, is responsible for DOMOLOGIC division, created to promote automation in residential, Project leader of HYDROCRACY SMARTBOX project aimed at managing energy flows in production / consumption not networked systems and powered by renewable sources, and Head of the consortium project NEED for in situ remediation of organic pollutants from groundwater carried out in collaboration with the CNR. Since 2005 also he coordinates the project of enterprise business intelligence aimed at integrated management control of all the group's activities.

Luigi Sergi is married with Giusy and has a daughter, Diletta. Tireless experimenter, he likes to get involved in complex and innovative projects, and always combines technology and efficiency.