Sante Montemurro
Operations Director

Sante Montemurro, born in 1964 in Matera and holds the position of Corporate Director for Operation in Comes Group and He serves as part of Management in the foreign subsidiaries of the group.

From 1986 to 2005, in the first twenty years of his activity, He was active in the automation industry, electromechanical and electro instrumental in positions of responsibility with Westinghouse spa, Impes Group Spa, Montell Spa and as Technical Department Director of Tecmes Srl. His experience moved him around Italy and Europe.

Since 2005, he is Director of Operation Comes S.p.A.

In the ten years of leadership of the Construction activities for the Comes Group, through Joint Venturing, mergers and incorporations, Sante Montemurro held numerous positions, driving as Head of the activities, some companies affiliated to the group in England and Brazil. It is thanks to his efforts that the Group Comes grows in the electromechanical and instrumental Construction Industry. Comes becomes partner of some of the biggest international groups in the plant construction sector as solid waste incinerators, incinerators, installations for processing, etc.

Sante Montemurro is married to Portia, and has a daughter, Nicla. He is no-stop traveler, he loves new projects, and He accepts the challenges, which always turns into results.