Stefano Rossi
Progetti' Manager

Stefano Rossi, born in 1966 in Mantua, where he currently resides and holds the position of Head of Project Engineering Company Srl Comes the Group.

In 2008, he was commissioned by the President of the Comes Group, a company operating in the Industrial Construction industry as an international partner, specialized in the electrical, electro-mechanical and electro-instrumental in the Italian and European market.

Stefano Rossi, from about thirty years', holds various positions of responsibility in the design of electro-instrumental installations and special products with a high technological content, such as analysis booths to continuous emission (CEMS) and storage systems from alternative renewable sources.

His experience began in 1987 for World Instrument Service Ltd., as an instrumentalist and industrial designer. From 1987 to 1993, he served various positions in the technical field collaborating with the most prestigious groups in the energy sector, Steel and Oil & Gas as EniChem, Himont, Belleli, Falck, Enel, etc. In 1993 he founded in Mantua Projects Ltd, the engineering company of which he is at the helm as General Manager.

Today it is at the helm of Progetti Srl, a company of the Group Comes Engineering, leading the group its experience and its network of customers and Player of international importance.

Stefano Rossi, has two children, Martina and Edward, and is an avid mountain and all sports, in particular football and cycling.