Dr. Vincenzo Cesareo
Chief executive officer

Vincenzo Cesareo was born in Genoa in 1961. Since childhood, he has lived in Taranto, where he studied and obtained his high school diploma in industrial technology, specialising in electrical engineering.

Subsequently, following the premature death of his father, he interrupted his university studies, which he later completed, to devote himself to working for a number of local companies in the engineering sector.

In 1988, he founded COMES SNC, which later became SAS, SRL and SPA, a company operating in the electrical, electromechanical instrumentation and control of industrial processes.

The company's growth in size was accompanied by the acquisition of other companies that were synergistic and complementary to the parent company's activities, such as PROGETTI SRL, NUOVA GAMMA SRL, SISTEC SRL, MARRA SRL and SOGESTIN SRL. In December 2020, all the companies are merged into COMES SPA.

In the three decades he has been leading the Comes Group, through joint ventures, mergers and incorporations, Vincenzo Cesareo has held numerous Top Management positions, leading as Managing Director, in addition to his own, various industrial groups in the plant engineering sector.
He is currently Chairman and Managing Director of COMES SPA.

He is also Chairman of the consortium company Indotto ILVA, Vice-Chairman of the Sican consortium and Chairman of the Sican Taranto consortium.

In his long and brilliant professional career, he has made an active contribution to the business and institutional world, holding prestigious positions; in particular, he was President of Assonautica Provinciale di Taranto, Board Member of Interfidi di Taranto, Vice President of Confindustria Puglia and from 2012 to 2019 President of Confindustria Taranto. At institutional level, he has held the position of Director of CCIAA Taranto, Deputy Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Taranto, Board Member of the ASI Consortium. He is currently Chairman and Managing Director of AGROMED SRL SB, an emanation of the Taranto Chamber of Commerce.

Vincenzo Cesareo has a degree in Education Sciences, is married and has two children, Mirko and Antonella. He loves experimenting and getting involved in new projects. Curious and very sensitive to new technologies and alternative sources, he always combines work with energy efficiency and storage from alternative sources, first with photovoltaics and then with hydrogen.

He is particularly sensitive to issues of environmental protection and has always fought both corporately and institutionally for the development of the territory.

Finally, he is a keen sailor and runner, disciplines with which he has strengthened his already innate qualities of navigator and strategist, skills necessary to achieve the goals set throughout his career.