Tommaso Carone
C.O.O. Chief operation officer

Tommaso Carone, born in 1960 in Milan, holds the position of General Manager of the Comes Group and various management roles in the sector Industrial companies.

From 1980 to 1999, during the first twenty years in the electromechanical and instrumental electro industry, He holds various positions of responsibility as the Technical Direction of major companies operating in the Engineering, Plant Engineering and Shipbuilding industry.

Since 1999, he is a Share Holder and General Manager of Comes S.p.A.

In the first two decades of the Comes Group driving through Joint Venturing, mergers and incorporations, Tommaso Carone held several prestigious assignments, and served as CEO a number of industrial companies in the plant engineering sector. Thanks to its expertise and experience in the industrial plant engineering sector, Comes Group is consolidated in the electromechanical industry and instrumental electro, becoming partner of some of the biggest international groups in the field of Steel, Oil & Gas, and Construction and Engineering, military and civil Navy industry.

Carone plays various roles of top management in consortia of industrial enterprises and local associations, directing his experience in the area. His initiatives in special projects such as the engineering and construction of cabins Analysis for continuous emission (CEMS) prepare the ground for the Group Comes excellent collaborations leading to important Group synergies for a long journey alongside EPC global leaders.

Tommaso Carone, is married to Maria, and has two daughters, Rossella and Antonella, who now hold positions of responsibility in the group. He loves to experiment and get involved in new projects, combining advanced technological solutions with Taylor-made, offering to large customers of high technical value solutions customized and tailored. It is particularly sensitive to solidarity and social issues.

He is a passionate gourmet and superb chef.