Dr. Vincenzo Cesareo
Chief executive officer

Vincenzo Cesareo was born in 1961 in Genoa. He has a degree in Education Sciences and He is married with two sons, Mirko and Antonella.

He is the Founder, 1988, and President of Comes S.p.A.

In the three decades of the Group Comes guidance, Vincenzo Cesareo has been CEO of various industrial groups for electromechanical plant engineering, manufacturing cables, circuit boards, electronic components, cash registers, and control panels.

Since 2009, He is leading Progetti Srl, electrical engineering companies and electro instrumental in Mantua, from 2010, New Gamma Srl, specializing in light carpentry, and Vice President of the Naval Consortium Taranto and Chairman of the Board of the Consortium SMART AREA TARANTO.

He actively contributes to the business and institutional world, holding prestigious as President of the Section Metalworkers Confindustria Taranto, Chamber of Commerce of Taranto, President Assonautica of Taranto, President of Confindustria and Interfidi Director of Taranto, Member of Council of the Chamber of Commerce and adviser ASI.

Vincenzo Cesareo is interested in new technologies and alternative resources and He always combines the work with energy efficiency and storage from alternative sources through Solar and Hhydrogen. It is particularly sensitive to issues of environmental protection and He will always push at both corporate and institutional level for the development of the territory.

Finally, He is a keen yachtsman and Runner.