Comes is a Qualified Industrial Partner at service of international EPC and investors, organized to support in the planning, construction and management of industrial installations for the electrical, instrumental, mechanics and fluid dynamics, and maintenance works. Professional skills, know-how, the ability to operate in critical contexts, the attitude to innovation, systems and high-tech solutions are just some of the distinctive elements of the Comes Group accrued in almost thirty years of experience in the Industrial sector.

Comes group, working for three decades as technical partner of ABB, CNIM, ENI, FINCANTIERI, ILVA,  and many other EPC and international industrial groups in Italy and abroad, developing a solid know-how in some sectors such as Military, Naval, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Energy, Infrastructure and O & M.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics was created in order to clearly define the set of values and principles that guide the Company in the pursuit of its objectives, in accordance with national and international standards, as well as the legitimate interests of various categories of investors.

Comes requires by all those who, for whatever reason, act in the name and on behalf of it, the commitment to respect and enforce, within their respective functions and responsibilities, values and respect for the principles of this Code of Ethics.

Compliance with the Code of Ethics is also an essential element for improving the reliability, reputation and image of Comes within the community.

Comes is committed to spread and promote knowledge of the principles and rules contained in the Code of Ethics among the addressees through targeted communications.