How We Work

Work phases of Comes Group

Comes Group is an industrial company that represents the center of excellence in the design and production of systems, services and solutions in automation, security, transport and information technology. The professional skills, technological know-how, the ability to operate in critical contexts, the attitude to innovation and high technology systems and solutions are just some of the distinctive elements of Comes, acquired in almost 30 years.

To the classic services of basic and detail engineering, material specifications, technical and economic evaluations and feasibility studies, are flanked more advanced services ranging from supervision and assistance to the operation and maintenance of industrial equipment to the design consulting, commissioning and testing of the same. 

The main services offered by Comes:

  • Design, supply, installation and maintenance of electrical and instrumental plant in civil,industrial and naval sector;
  • Design, construction, installation and maintenance of electrical panels in low and medium voltage;
  • Design, construction and installation of civil and industrial automation systems;
  • Design, construction and installation of railway operation systems;
  • Design and construction in metal structural work of mechanical elements;
  • Testing and commissioning services of the plant.