Beddington Project, United Kingdom. On October 28th 2016, Comes group has been awarded by CNIM for the construction of Beddington Energy from Waste plant in Croydon, south London, UK.

    "We are very happy to join CNIM for this new adventure in UK” says COMES Ceo, Vincenzo Cesareo “ this confirms the well-established long term Partnership with a Leading European EPC in the Renewable industrial Design and Construction."

    The Plant has been designed to process around 275,000 tonnes of non-hazardous residual waste a year. Wider environmental benefits will include the landfill diversion of up to 95 per cent of waste delivered to the facility and the generation of up to 26MW of electricity, which will power the facility itself and supply over 22MW to the National Grid and it could also provide heat for local users.

    Works will start beginning on November and will b delivered in second semester 2017.


    “This project confirms the specialization of COMES in the EFW field” says dr. Vittorio Infante, Commercial Director of COMES Group, “ We are very excited to confirm and consolidate Partnership with CNIM, one of the leader of this sector and definitely the most experienced in UK. COMES is always ready to accept challenges like this, where demands and expectations are very high and standards are at highest level ever.”

    “During this several years of Collaboration with CNIM” says Mr Montemurro, COMES Director for Operation , “we have learned a lot and our Energy Division is now one of the most experienced team in UK and all Europe”.