In May 2021 Comes SPA was chosen by ANSALDO ENERGIA for the TURBIGO project in the IREN power plant, in Germany at IRSHING in the UNIPER thermoelectric plant and in Marbach at the EnBW site.

    Comes will work alongside Ansaldo Energia, one of the most important players in the sector.

    Dr. Vincenzo Cesareo - Comes CEO: "it is a great satisfaction to consolidate our relationship with such an important Italian group. Ansaldo is a leading company that pays close attention to safety and the environment. We are partners in this path and we hope to be involved in many other activities".

    Dr. Vittorio Infante - Comes CCO: "we are very happy to be alongside ANSALDO in many initiatives in Italy and abroad. Soon we will start with them also in FRANCE at the ITER nuclear power plant where we have already been present for a year with other companies, and we will be busy for many years".

    The activities have already started in July and are expected to be completed in the next year.


    Nel mese di Maggio 2021, Comes Spa è stata scelta da ANSALDO ENERGIA per il progetto di TURBIGO, nella centrale elettrcia di IREN, ed in Germania, ad IRSHING nella centrale Termoelettrica di UNIPER, e a Marbach nel sito di EnBW.

    COMES lavorerà al fianco di Ansaldo Energia, uno dei più important Players del settore.