Comes is a Qualified Industrial Partner at service of international EPC and investors, organized to support in the planning, construction and management of industrial installations for the electrical, instrumental, mechanics and fluid dynamics, and maintenance works. Professional skills, know-how, the ability to operate in critical contexts, the attitude to innovation, systems and high-tech solutions are just some of the distinctive elements of the Comes Group accrued in almost thirty years of experience in the Industrial sector.

group, working for three decades as technical partner of ABB, CNIM, ENI, FINCANTIERI, ILVA,  and many other EPC and international industrial groups in Italy and abroad, developing a solid know-how in some sectors such as Military, Naval, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Energy, Infrastructure and O & M.

The Group

In support of the objectives of growth and consolidation of its presence in the market, Comes retained control in the Energy, Oil & Gas, Steel, and Naval sectors through the enhancement of the design, project management, construction and maintenance of facilities

In an increasingly competitive and continually evolving market, Comes intends to establish itself as Lean and Reliable Partner Company and be for its customers not just a service provider, but real Partner for the construction, maintenance and improvement of ' facility in gear, by offering value-added products and services and continuing best technical and design.


Founded in 1988, it is the Head company that deals with electrical and instrumental activities. It operates in Italy and Europe through its subsidiaries. For almost thirty years working as a Preferred Partner (technical partner) of ILVA, ENI, FINCANTIERI, ABB, CNIM and many other EPC and international industrial groups in Italy and abroad, has developed a solid expertise in certain sectors such the Military, Naval, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Energy, Infrastructure and O & M. Comes is able to provide multiple solutions in Industrial Construction Sector guaranteeing the highest standards in the electrical and electro-instrumental activity, mechanical engineering, and fluid dynamics, design and construction of industrial machinery lubrication systems and maintenance of large installations.

COMES Nuova Gamma S.r.l.

Nuova Gamma, founded in 1988, is the company that deals with the realization of Comes Group components. The ability to combine field experience with a flexible design makes Nuova Gamma the perfect company for the realization of custom welding and steel-metallic mechanical components.

COMES Progetti S.r.l.

Progetti, founded in 1993, is the Comes Group engineering company specialized in the study and design of systems for the chemical, petrochemical, power, pharmaceutical and steel.

COMES Marra S.r.l.

Marra, founded in 1980, is the mechanical construction society of Comes Group.

Therefore, Comes can rely on Engineering, Metal Processing and experience in Oleodinamiche buildings.