Comes is a Qualified Industrial Partner at service of international EPC and investors, organized to support in the planning, construction and management of industrial installations for the electrical, instrumental, mechanics and fluid dynamics, and maintenance works. Professional skills, know-how, the ability to operate in critical contexts, the attitude to innovation, systems and high-tech solutions are just some of the distinctive elements of the Comes Group accrued in almost thirty years of experience in the Industrial sector.

Comes Group, working for three decades as technical partner of ABB, CNIM, ENI, FINCANTIERI, ILVA,  and many other EPC and international industrial groups in Italy and abroad, developing a solid know-how in some sectors such as Military, Naval, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Energy, Infrastructure and O & M.

Social Responsability

Comes decides to adopt a socially responsible behavior, monitoring and responding to economic, environmental and social expectations of all shareholders with the 'aim to seize a competitive advantage and maximize long-term profits.

Comes considers that a product or service should not only be appreciated for its quality and functionality of the material, but also for other non-material factors, such as the conditions of supply, support and customization services, the picture and the story of the product or the service itself.

In relation to the concept of social responsibility, we have developed innovative models of business management, related to the issue of ethics.

In particular, Comes highlights seven specific requirements for basic human rights in the management system of social responsibility in the company:

  • Exclude the child labor and forced labor
  • Pay a fair wage for the worker
  • Ensure freedom of association
  • Ensure the worker's right to be protected by collective bargaining
  • Ensuring safety at work
  • Providing health in the workplace
  • Prevent any discrimination based on sex, race, political orientation, gender, religion among disadvantaged populations testifies to the sensitivity and the ability to do business under a new and profound vision of social relations.