Special Products

Group is a company specialized in Electrical field, Industrial, Instrumental, Mechanic and fluid, which combines competence, experience and flexibility, essential features to address the needs of today and speak with the more structured and demanding EPC.

To basic and detail engineering services, material specifications, technical and economic evaluations and feasibility studies, are flanked advanced services ranging from supervision and assistance, to the operation and maintenance of industrial equipment to the design consulting, commissioning and testing of the same . 

CEMS Analytical Measurement Integrated Systems

Comes Group has designed and built the analysis systems installed in chimneys of Gela Refinery, in order to analyze the polluting effluents of each emission point.

The new smoke control systems have been constructed in such a way as to ensure the continuous operation without the need for supervision in all normal environmental and operating conditions.

The new control systems, finally, have been equipped with a PLC in order to comply to the acquisition of all data from the instruments installed in the same analysis cabins, to the management of the control logics and the hardwired transmission of all the data to the acquisition computer.

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