Comes is a Qualified Industrial Partner at service of international EPC and investors, organized to support in the planning, construction and management of industrial installations for the electrical, instrumental, mechanics and fluid dynamics, and maintenance works. Professional skills, know-how, the ability to operate in critical contexts, the attitude to innovation, systems and high-tech solutions are just some of the distinctive elements of the Comes Group accrued in almost thirty years of experience in the Industrial sector.

Comes group, having worked for three decades as technical partner of ABB, CNIM, ENI, FINCANTIERI, ILVA,  and many other EPC and international industrial groups in Italy and abroad, has developed a solid know-how in some sectors such as Military, Naval, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Energy, Infrastructure and O & M.


The COMES SPA, is founded in Taranto in 1988 by dr. Vincenzo Cesareo , with the idea of designing and building electromechanical devices for the customization of machines and production lines in the food industry and plastics processing.

In 1991, with the entry into the society of today's companion, Tommaso Carone  , the installation services of civil electrical and industrial installations are activated as well as the construction of LV switchboards are activated.

In 1996 the first major factory automation orders are obtained and in 1999 the establishment is reached through the design and installation of industrial water steelworks control system for the ILVA Taranto. In the same year the company has received the ISO 9000 and NATO AQAP.

In 1998 COMES expands its range in the naval sector and decideds to open a branch specialized in the installation of electrical systems on board of passenger ships and military.

In 2007
the Nuova Gamma Srl is acquired to enhance the custom product lines in the segment of electrical panels and operation of railway systems.

In 2008 the controlling stake of Progetti srl is acquired, a company, based in Mantova, structured in the field of engineering in energy and OIL & GAS.

In 2012
COMES UK is established having with seat in England to better cater for the present needs of the shipyards in Northern Europe.

In 2013
COMES AMERICA LATINA is established with seat in Brazil in order to better provide for the needs of construction sites in South America.

In 2013
the controlling stake of Marra Construction Srl is acquired, a company, based in Taranto, structured in the field of mechanics, hydraulics Plant and O & M.

In 2015 the merger and incorporation of all Group companies under a single corporate identity, The COMES Group, is completed